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Friday, September 14, 2018

Things Narcissists do

Narcissists think they are the best of all

They think they are always right

They wear a mask or two or three - You can never be sure

They will lie, manipulate, and play with your feelings until they get what they want.
They will do anything to make sure that you think they care about you.
They ignore criticism.
When criticized, a narcissist gets hypersensitive and demoralized, which affect his/her big ego. They live to be praised and admired all the time. That is the reason why they run away from people who dare to disturb their peace of mind.
You dare to criticize – you automatically become a hater who must be ignored.

They speak, instead of listening.

They act like drama queens.
Narcissists always seek attention and they do it desperately. They do not think – they act at the moment. Their inappropriate and impulsive behavior affects everybody and creates a toxic environment.

They hurt your feelings.
They lack empathy. They do not pay any attention to what they say to you, whether it causes you pain, and do not care how you might feel in that moment.

They blame and make you feel guilty.
They point a finger at you. You are responsible for everything that happens. They will blame all their problems on others – blaming others make their life easier.

They show off on social media with many pictures of themselves.
 They look for followers and supporters who will admire them unconditionally.

They are obsessed with their physical appearance.
 Narcissists put great effort on their style, they follow trends and do not mind spending lots of money on that. They will do everything that makes them feel superior. They put themselves on the pedestal above all others.
Do not expect to be their number one. You will never have that privilege.

 Enjoy your day!
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