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Thursday, March 7, 2013


It was in1918 and a warm summer day.  Seven year old Henry and 5 year old Lucy knew that the stork would deliver a baby. Mom had gotten fat and the nice lady had arrived who helped Mom last time when the stork delivered little sister Madeleine. Dad had told them to play outside.  Mom was in the upstairs bedroom. But this time Henry wanted to see the stork and he told Lucy: “Go and sit in front of the house and watch the windows. Call me when you see the stork. I will sit in the back of the house and watch the windows and call you when I see the stork.” Little Lucy was anxious to see the stork too, so she sat down and kept her eyes on the upstairs windows.  Hours went by but they did not give up. They did not move. Then Dad called them and gave them the news that they had a little brother. Henry asked: “Where did the stork come in?”  “Through the front window”, answered Dad.  Henry looked at his sister, shoved her and yelled: “Why didn’t you call me! That is not fair! I do not like you!”  “I did not see the stork, I looked at the windows all the time”, she cried. Dad just looked at them and asked them to come upstairs to greet their baby brother. Everything was fine! 

How times have changed.  
Now they will ask “How did I get in Mommy’s belly?”
 Take a little time and enjoy your day!

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