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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Healing Power of Music - Alejandro and Vicente Fernandez

New research is confirming an idea long held by those who work with dementia patients: Music can not only improve the mood of people with neurological diseases, it can boost cognitive skills and reduce the need for antipsychotic drugs.

Music therapists who work with Alzheimer's patients describe seeing people "wake up" when the sounds of loved and familiar music fills their heads. Often, after months or even years of not speaking at all, they begin to talk again, become more social and seem more engaged by their surroundings. Some even do what Alzheimer's patients often can not do as their disease progresses: They remember who they are".

I love music - Blues, Classical, Country, Jazz, R&B / Soul, Rock, European Schlager/Folk and Ranchera (genre of traditional music of Mexico).
Today I prefer Ranchera.
Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, relax and listen to the following music. Enjoy!

Alejandro Fernandez

and his Papa Vicente Fernandez (72 years old), who has still a great voice and has kept his irresistible charm.

Enjoy your day!

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